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Issue: Biodiversityx Non-Compliance Found: Truex Compliance Review Outputs: closed_with_outcome, closed_without_outcomex


A complaint is a submission to an independent accountability mechanism that raises concerns about actual or potential harm related to an IFI-supported project.

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European Bank for Reconstruction and Development IRM Complaints IAM Country Date Filed Status
Vlore Thermal Power Generation Project EBRD IRM Albania 19/04/2007 Closed With Outputs
IFC/MIGA CAO Complaints IAM Country Date Filed Status
Agrokasa-01/Ica IFC CAO Peru 02/06/2009 Closed With Outputs
Alex Dev-01/Wadi al-Qamar IFC CAO Egypt 09/04/2015 Monitoring
Amaggi Expansion-01/IFC Executive Vice President Request IFC CAO Brazil 01/11/2004 Closed With Outputs
CIFI-01/Santa Cruz IFC CAO Guatemala 15/07/2015 Monitoring
Celulosas de M'Bopicua (CMB) & Orion-01/Argentina & Uruguay IFC CAO Argentina, Uruguay 01/09/2005 Closed With Outputs
Comsur V-01/Bosque Chiquitano IFC CAO Bolivia 01/06/2003 Closed With Outputs
Eco Oro-01/Bucaramanga IFC CAO Colombia 13/06/2012 Closed With Outputs
Enso Albania-01/Lengarica IFC CAO Albania 22/06/2015 Monitoring
India Infrastructure Fund-01/Dhenkanal District IFC CAO India 15/04/2011 Monitoring
KEK-01/Prishtina IFC CAO Kosovo 25/08/2011 Closed With Outputs
Lukoil Overseas-01/Berezovka IFC CAO Kazakhstan 01/09/2004 Closed With Outputs
Lydian Intl3-01/Gndevaz & Jermuk IFC CAO Armenia 16/04/2014 Closed With Outputs
Lydian Intl3-02/Gndevaz IFC CAO Armenia 25/07/2014 Closed With Outputs
Mozal-01/Matola and Maputo IFC CAO Mozambique 01/10/2010 Closed With Outputs
Quellaveco-01/Moquegua IFC CAO Peru 26/11/2011 Monitoring
Real LRIF-01/Coban IFC CAO Guatemala 29/10/2014 Monitoring
Tata Ultra Mega-01/Mundra and Anjar IFC CAO India 14/06/2011 Monitoring
Togo LCT-01/Lome IFC CAO Togo 09/03/2015 Monitoring
Vizhinjam-01/Kerala IFC CAO India 21/08/2012 Closed With Outputs
Vizhinjam-02/Kerala IFC CAO India 23/09/2012 Closed With Outputs
Vizhinjam-03/Mulloor IFC CAO India 12/04/2013 Closed With Outputs
Wilmar Group-01/West Kalimantan IFC CAO Indonesia 01/07/2007 Closed With Outputs
Reventazon HPP-01/Siquirres IFC CAO Costa Rica 13/09/2016 Monitoring
Reventazon HPP-02/Siquirres IFC CAO Costa Rica 20/12/2016 Monitoring
World Bank Panel Complaints IAM Country Date Filed Status
Cartagena Water Supply, Sewerage and Environmental Management Project WB Panel Colombia 20/04/2004 Closed With Outputs
Coal Sector Mitigation Project and Coal Sector Rehabitation Project WB Panel India 21/06/2001 Closed With Outputs
Eskom Investment Support Project WB Panel South Africa 06/04/2010 Closed With Outputs
Forest Concession Management and Control Pilot Project WB Panel Cambodia 28/01/2005 Closed With Outputs
Lake Victoria Environmental Management Project WB Panel Kenya 12/10/1999 Closed With Outputs
Lima Urban Transport Project WB Panel Peru 01/10/2009 Closed With Outputs
Mining Development and Environmental Control Assistance Project WB Panel Ecuador 13/12/1999 Closed With Outputs
Mumbai Urban Transport Project WB Panel India 28/04/2004 Closed With Outputs
NTPC I Power Generation Project WB Panel India 01/05/1997 Closed With Outputs
National Drainage Program Project WB Panel Pakistan 10/09/2004 Closed With Outputs
Paraguay/Argentina Reform Project for the Water and Telecommunication Sectors, SEGBA V Power Distribution Project (Yacyreta) WB Panel Argentina, Paraguay 17/05/2002 Closed With Outputs
Petroleum Development and Pipeline Project, Management of the Petroleum Economy Project, and Petroleum Sector Management Capacity Building Project WB Panel Chad 22/03/2001 Closed With Outputs
Power Sector Generation and Restructuring Project WB Panel Albania 30/04/2007 Closed With Outputs
Santa Fe Road Infrastructure Project and Provincial Road Infrastructure Project, 3rd Request WB Panel Argentina 13/09/2007 Closed With Outputs
Second Urban Environment Sanitation Project WB Panel Ghana 16/08/2007 Closed With Outputs
Smallholder Agriculture Development Project WB Panel Papua New Guinea 08/12/2009 Closed With Outputs
Transitional Support for Economic Recovery Credit and Emergency Economic and Social Reunification Support Project WB Panel Democratic Republic of Congo 19/11/2005 Closed With Outputs
Vishnugad Pipalkoti Hydro Electric Project WB Panel India 23/07/2012 Monitoring
Western Poverty Reduction Project WB Panel China 18/06/1999 Closed With Outputs
Private Power Generation, Water Management and Development, and Energy for Rural Transformation III (Second Request) WB Panel Uganda 19/09/2016 Monitoring
Private Power Generation, Water Management and Development, and Energy for Rural Transformation III WB Panel Uganda 20/06/2016 Monitoring