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Dinant-03/Aguan Valley


Displacement (physical and/or economic)

Description: Complaint raises concerns about physical relocation, loss of shelter, and/or loss of assets that relate to income or livelihood.

Complaints with this Issue: 358

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Description: Complaint raises concerns regarding environmental impacts that do not refer specifically to water, pollution, or biodiversity.

Complaints with this Issue: 302

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Violence against the community

Description: Complaint raises concerns about incidents of violence against community members or activists perpetrated by the project company, government, public or private security forces, or other individuals acting on behalf of project proponents.

Complaints with this Issue: 40

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Description: Project relates to the agricultural industry, including smallholder operations. Examples may include support for production, distribution, capacity building, and access to credit.

Complaints in this Sector: 62

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Description: Project relates to large scale production of goods, including production capacity and infrastructure.

Complaints in this Sector: 46

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Name: Dinant

Investments: IFC 27250


Support: Loans

Country: Honduras


IAM: Compliance Advisor/Ombudsman (CAO)

ID: 223

Date Filed: July 25, 2014

Date Closed: Nov. 12, 2018

Status: Closed Without Outputs