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Brazilian Development Bank


Name: Brazilian Development Bank

Acronym: BNDES

Year Founded: 1952



Regions: Latin America and the Caribbean


Mechanism: Ombudsperson

Acronym: Ombudsman

Year Founded: 2003

Year Reviewed:

Website: Link

Registry: Link

Total Complaints: 0

Active Complaints: 0

BNDES is a Brazilian state-owned development bank that is the main source of financing for infrastructure and expansion of industry in Brazil and the South American region. It aims to support socio-environmental development to bolster employment and reduce social and regional inequalities in Brazil. In 2012, BNDES disbursed roughly US$67 billion to companies headquartered in Brazil and working around the world. BNDES has also opened its own Export-Import Bank that is exclusively dedicated to the foreign trade sector.

BNDES created the position of Ombudsperson in 2003. The Ombudsperson receives suggestions, reports of misconduct, and complaints, from both the external and internal stakeholders. The Ombudsperson can assist in resolving disputes between citizens and BNDES by “issuing clarifications and trying to strengthen the bonds between the BNDES, its clients and the general public.” The Ombudsperson also makes suggestions for necessary improvements to Senior Administration.


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