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Social and Environmental Compliance Unit

United Nations Development Programme


Mechanism: Social and Environmental Compliance Unit

Acronym: SECU

Year Founded: 2015

Year Reviewed:

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Total Complaints: 22

Active Complaints: 5

The UNDP is the United Nations’ (UN) international development agency. It was established in 1965 and has a mission of reducing poverty through sustainable development. It has its headquarters in New York but primarily works through Country Offices in over 177 countries and territories around the world. It supports development projects and programs that are directly-implemented by UNDP or that are implemented through project partners (governments, other UN agencies, NGOs, companies, also known as “implementing partners”).

The UNDP’s accountability mechanism has two parts: 1) The Social and Environmental Compliance Unit (SECU); and 2) The Stakeholder Response Mechanism (SRM).

SECU and SRM became operational on 1 January 2015. SECU is located within the Office of Audit and Investigations (OAI) at UNDP Headquarters. SRM also has staff at UNDP Headquarters, but it primarily operates through designated representatives in UNDP Country Offices. SRM and SECU each have different functions: SRM offers problem-solving; while SECU offers compliance review and produces advisory notes.

Problem-Solving – SRM helps project-affected people to attempt to resolve their concerns about the social and environmental impacts of UNDP-supported projects directly with UNDP and its project partners.

Compliance Review – SECU investigates UNDP’s compliance with its social and environmental commitments and recommends measures to address any non-compliance.

Advisory Notes – SECU can also provide Advisory Notes to the UNDP Administrator regarding social and environmental issues.

Affected people can attempt to resolve their concerns through SRM, can ask SECU to pursue a compliance review, or they can ask to use both functions.


Issues Raised in SECU Complaints

Projects in SECU Complaints

Countries of SECU Complaints

How Are Complaints Handled?

Complaint Map

UNDP Social and Environmental Compliance Unit

United Nations Development Programme SECU Complaints IAM Country Date Filed Status
Business Call to Action Alliance UNDP SECU Uganda 12/02/2016 Closed With Outputs
Enhancing Climate Resilience of India's Coastal Communities UNDP SECU India 14/07/2020 Monitoring
Fortalecimiento institucional para la gestion basada en resultados del Ministerio de Relaciones Exte UNDP SECU Panama 15/08/2017 Closed With Outputs
Fourth National Communication and Second Biennial Update Report under the UNFCCC (GEF) UNDP SECU Jordan 05/06/2020 Closed Without Outputs
Funding Facility for Stabilization UNDP SECU Iraq 05/09/2023 Active
Funding Facility for Stabilization UNDP SECU Iraq 11/01/2021 Closed With Outputs Outside Process
Improving Solid Waste Management and Income Creation in Host Communities- Rehabilitation of Al Alake UNDP SECU Jordan 05/06/2018 Monitoring
India High Range Landscape Project UNDP SECU India 10/12/2015 Closed With Outputs
Integrated and Transboundary Conservation of Biodiversity in the Basins of the Republic of Cameroon UNDP SECU Cameroon 02/08/2018 Monitoring
Integrated and Transboundary Conservation of Biodiversity in the Basins of the Republic of Congo UNDP SECU Republic of Congo 02/08/2018 Closed With Outputs
Integrated climate-resilient transboundary flood risk management in the Drin River basin in the West UNDP SECU Macedonia 05/12/2022 Active
Integrated Protected Area Land and Seascape Management in Tanintharyi (Ridge to Reef) UNDP SECU Myanmar 20/09/2018 Active
Mainstreaming Biodiversity into the Management of the Coastal Zone in the Republic of Mauritius UNDP SECU Mauritius 23/03/2019 Monitoring
Mainstreaming Sustainable Use of Biodiversity in Production Practices of Small Producers to protect UNDP SECU Argentina 14/11/2018 Closed Without Outputs
Malawi National Registration and Identification System UNDP SECU Malawi 01/10/2017 Monitoring
MoU Between the United Nations Development Programme and Musina-Makhado Special Economic Zone UNDP SECU South Africa 07/06/2022 Active
Mozambique Recovery Facility UNDP SECU Mozambique 09/11/2021 Closed Without Outputs
PAPP Transboundary Wastewater Management in Attil / Tulkarem Governorate UNDP SECU Palestine 05/11/2021 Closed Without Outputs
Sector Privado y Agenda 2030, potentially others UNDP SECU Colombia 11/05/2021 Active
Socio-economic development of communities around radioactive sites in Kyrgyzstan UNDP SECU Kyrgyzstan 10/09/2020 Monitoring
Solid Waste Management project UNDP SECU Lebanon 19/12/2017 Closed Without Outputs
UN response to BiH floods UNDP SECU Bosnia and Herzegovina 16/06/2017 Closed With Outputs