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Membrane Technology Environmental Conversion




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Project Information

Investment ID: 20160192

Bank: European Investment Bank

Environmental Category: Unknown

Country: Spain

Region: Europe and Central Asia

Approval Date: Dec. 13, 2016

Investment Types:

Total Project Cost: No recorded data on this

Total Complaints: 1


The project concerns the construction of a new membrane cell facility for the production of chlor-alkali with a capacity of 65,000 tonnes/year of chlorine, using best available technology (BAT). The project is linked to the decommissioning and closure of mercury-based units, as required by environmental regulation. The project is eligible for EIB financing under the objective "Reduction of industrial, transport and other pollution".


Investment Type ID Amount Status Bank Client
20160192 EUR 26.0 million Planned EIB Special Purpose Entity(ies)/Fund

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