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A complaint is a submission to an independent accountability mechanism that raises concerns about actual or potential harm related to an IFI-supported project.

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European Bank for Reconstruction and Development IRM Complaints IAM Country Date Filed Status
BTC Georgia / Atskuri EBRD IRM Georgia 06/07/2007 Closed With Outputs
IFC/MIGA CAO Complaints IAM Country Date Filed Status
AD Hydro Power Limited-01/Himachal Pradesh IFC CAO India 01/10/2004 Closed With Outputs
Agri-Vie Fund-01/Kiboga IFC CAO Uganda 20/12/2011 Monitoring
Agri-Vie Fund-02/Mubende IFC CAO Uganda 20/12/2011 Monitoring
Agrokasa-01/Ica IFC CAO Peru 02/06/2009 Closed With Outputs
Alqueria-01/Cajica IFC CAO Colombia 11/04/2013 Monitoring
Ambuklao-Binga Hydroelectric Power-01/Binga IFC CAO Philippines 01/06/2008 Closed With Outputs
Assan Aluminyum-01/Dilovasi IFC CAO Turkey 01/10/2008 Closed With Outputs
Atul Ltd.-01/Gujarat IFC CAO India 01/06/2006 Closed With Outputs
BTC Pipeline-02/Rustavi IFC CAO Georgia 16/03/2004 Closed With Outputs
BTC Pipeline-10/Tetritskaro IFC CAO Georgia 21/05/2004 Closed With Outputs
BTC Pipeline-14/Vale IFC CAO Georgia 08/08/2004 Closed With Outputs
BTC Pipeline-17/Tadzrisi IFC CAO Georgia 10/12/2004 Closed With Outputs
BTC Pipeline-22/Tsemi IFC CAO Georgia 24/06/2005 Closed With Outputs
BTC Pipeline-29/Tsalka IFC CAO Georgia 03/08/2006 Closed With Outputs
BTC Pipeline-30/Vale IFC CAO Georgia 20/08/2007 Closed With Outputs
BTC Pipeline-32/Vale IFC CAO Georgia 01/08/2008 Closed With Outputs
BTC Pipeline-33/Vale IFC CAO Georgia 30/05/2011 Closed With Outputs
Bankers Petroleum-01/Patos IFC CAO Albania 13/03/2013 Closed With Outputs
Bujagali Energy-04/Bujagali IFC CAO Uganda 21/03/2011 Monitoring
Bujagali Energy-05/Bujagali IFC CAO Uganda 16/05/2011 Monitoring
Cambodia Airport II-01/Preah Sihanouk IFC CAO Cambodia 11/12/2009 Closed With Outputs
Cambodia Airports-01/Phnom Penh IFC CAO Cambodia 07/06/2013 Closed With Outputs
Chad-Cameroon Pipeline-02/Cameroon IFC CAO Cameroon 16/05/2011 Monitoring
Chad-Cameroon Pipeline-03/Chad IFC CAO Chad 20/10/2011 Closed With Outputs
Empresa Electrica Pangue S.A.-01/Upper Bio-Bio Watershed IFC CAO Chile 01/08/2000 Closed With Outputs
Empresa Electrica Pangue S.A.-02/Upper Bio-Bio Watershed IFC CAO Chile 01/07/2002 Closed With Outputs
Harmon Hall-01/Mexico IFC CAO Mexico 02/12/2011 Closed With Outputs
Ingenio Montelimar-01/Montelimar Environs IFC CAO Nicaragua 01/10/2015 Monitoring
Interagua-01/Guayaquil IFC CAO Ecuador 01/01/2008 Closed With Outputs
Nicaragua Sugar Estates Limited-01/Leon and Chinandega IFC CAO Nicaragua 01/03/2008 Closed With Outputs
Oyu Tolgoi-01/Southern Gobi IFC CAO Mongolia 12/10/2012 Closed With Outputs
Oyu Tolgoi-02/Southern Gobi IFC CAO Mongolia 11/02/2013 Closed With Outputs
PNG SEZ-01/Madang Province IFC CAO Papua New Guinea 12/07/2011 Closed With Outputs
Rainforest Ecolodge Linkages-01/Deniyaya IFC CAO Sri Lanka 20/08/2009 Closed With Outputs
Russkiy Mir II-03/Taman IFC CAO Russia 01/03/2009 Closed With Outputs
Standard Profil-01/Duzce IFC CAO Turkey 01/09/2008 Closed With Outputs
VEIL II-01/ Ratanakiri Province IFC CAO Cambodia 10/02/2014 Monitoring
Wilmar Group-01/West Kalimantan IFC CAO Indonesia 01/07/2007 Closed With Outputs
Wilmar Group-02/Sumatra IFC CAO Indonesia 01/12/2008 Closed With Outputs
Yanacocha-01/Cajamarca IFC CAO Peru 01/12/2000 Closed With Outputs
Yanacocha-02/Cajamarca IFC CAO Peru 01/03/2001 Closed With Outputs
Yanacocha-03/Cajamarca IFC CAO Peru 01/03/2006 Closed With Outputs
Bidco Bev. & Det.-03/ Kalangala IFC CAO Uganda 13/01/2017 Closed With Outputs
Egyptian Indian Polyester Company - Sokhna-01/India IFC CAO Egypt 27/10/2016 Closed With Outputs
Egyptian Indian Polyester Company - Sokhna-02/India IFC CAO Egypt 20/08/2017 Closed With Outputs
Rajmandala Hydropower Project-01/Bantarcaringin Kampong IFC CAO Indonesia 16/05/2016 Closed With Outputs
United Ashuganj-01/Ashuganj IFC CAO Bangladesh 26/05/2016 Closed With Outputs
Zalagh-01/Tiddas IFC CAO Morocco 21/03/2016 Monitoring
Overseas Private Investment Corporation OA Complaints IAM Country Date Filed Status
Mexico Cerro de Oro Hydroelectric OPIC OA Mexico 30/11/2010 Closed With Outputs