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Corporate Social Responsibility Counsellor

Canadian Office of the Extractive Sector


Mechanism: Corporate Social Responsibility Counsellor

Acronym: CSR

Year Founded: 2009

Year Reviewed:

Website: Link

Registry: Link

Total Complaints: 6

Active Complaints: 0

The Office of the Extractive Sector CSR Counsellor is a federal agency set up by the Canadian government to further its corporate social responsibility strategy for Canada’s international mining, oil, and gas sectors. The Office came into effect in March 2010 has both an advisory role and a dispute resolution role referred to as the Review Process.

In the Review Process, the CSR Counsellor facilitates dispute resolution between Canadian mining, oil and gas companies and communities outside of Canada. The Counsellor exists only as a neutral convening institution for dispute resolution and cannot make any compliance findings.


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