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Grand Contournement Ouest de Strasbourg




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Project Information

Investment ID: , 20150234

Bank: European Investment Bank , European Investment Bank

Environmental Category: Unknown

Country: France

Region: Europe and Central Asia

Approval Date: None

Investment Types:

Total Project Cost: No recorded data on this

Total Complaints: 2


The project consists of the construction of a 24km motorway by-passing the city of Strasbourg in the west. It will connect the A4 motorway, located in the north of Strasbourg, to the A35 and the A352, in the south. It therefore aims at ensuring the continuity of the motorway connection on the corridor and providing an alternative to the saturated section of the A35 running through the centre of Strasbourg (up to 160.000 vehicles per day). The road is part of the comprehensive TEN-T network. The project is tendered as a 55-year concession (délégation de service public). The concession will transfer the demand risk on this greenfield, tolled motorway to the borrower.


Investment Type ID Amount Status Bank Client
Unknown Unknown Planned EIB
20150234 EUR 229.0 million Planned EIB Republique Francaise


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Republique Francaise