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Strategic Program for Transportation Infrastructure and Logistics in Paran√°




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Project Information

Investment ID: 4299/OC-BR

Bank: Inter-American Development Bank

Environmental Category: B

Country: Brazil

Region: Latin America and the Caribbean

Approval Date: Sept. 21, 2017

Investment Types: Loans

Total Project Cost: USD 435.0 million

Total Complaints: 1


The program is consistent with the Bank's strategy (GN-2327-1, GN-2570 and the Country Strategy), defined by four areas: (i) productivity and infrastructure; (ii) Social and Productive Inclusion; (iii) Institutional Strengthening and Modernization of the State, with emphasis on subnational governments. The program contributes to the strategy by (a) improving access to productive regions; (b) improving the conditions of productivity and exports; (c) reduces the number and severity of road accidents; and (d) improve institutional capacity in the State highway administration. The program is consistent with two of the pillars of the new corporate strategy of the Bank (AB-2764): (i) reducing poverty and increasing equity by reducing transportation costs and easier access to employment opportunities , education and social services; and (ii) contribution to regional integration by providing better access from the productive areas of the country to export ports.


Investment Type ID Amount Status Bank Client
Loans 4299/OC-BR USD 235.0 million Planned IDB

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