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Productive Infrastructure Program - Request II


Displacement (physical and/or economic)

Description: Complaint raises concerns about physical relocation, loss of shelter, and/or loss of assets that relate to income or livelihood.

Complaints with this Issue: 358

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Description: Complaint raises concerns regarding environmental impacts that do not refer specifically to water, pollution, or biodiversity.

Complaints with this Issue: 302

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Human rights

Description: Complaint frames concerns using the language of human rights violations.

Complaints with this Issue: 59

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Description: Complaint raises concerns about impacts on the means by which people make a living, including wage-based income, trade and bartering, agriculture, fishing, foraging, and other natural-resource based means.

Complaints with this Issue: 264

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Description: Project relates to construction or improvement of large structures, facilities, or public works projects. Examples include roads and other transportation projects, sanitation and water treatment facilities, power plants, and industrial facilities.

Complaints in this Sector: 609

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Description: Project relates to large scale production of goods, including production capacity and infrastructure.

Complaints in this Sector: 46

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The Request alleges the loss of the forms of subsistence of the requesting families, as a result of having been displaced from their lands in January of 2011 for the development of the Caracol Industrial Park (the Project) in the area located within close proximity to the Caracol Bay, which assists in the exportation objectives of the Park. The Requesters, principally dedicated toward agricultural activities for their food security and economic sustenance, were land owners in the area selected for the Project. The Requesters allege that their displacement from the land had been carried out with minimal days’ notice, without consultation with the communities, and without information having been provided in this regard. In addition, the Requesters signal that the compensation offered would have been received several years later, and that it would have been inadequate to ensure the quality of life of the requesting families. This, in turn, would have led to poorer living conditions, in comparison to the conditions existent prior to the displacement, due to the resulting situation that would not allow the Requesters to cover their cost of living. Furthermore, the Request alleges that some families have not, to date, received compensation, after six years of the displacement having taken place. The Request also raises the issue of harm to the requesting families due to the lack of information regarding the environmental impacts on the Caracol Bay zone and the Troud-du North River, as a result of the construction and operation of the Park; such is also the case with respect to the social impacts experienced by the surrounding communities due to the introduction of the Project. Finally, the Request also presents information about the possible violations of labor codes in relation to the personnel that currently works in the Park.