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Issue: Human rightsx


A complaint is a submission to an independent accountability mechanism that raises concerns about actual or potential harm related to an IFI-supported project.

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Canadian Office of the Extractive Sector CSR Complaints IAM Country Date Filed Status
Excellon Resources: La Platosa mine project (2011-01-MEX) COES CSR Mexico 07/04/2011 Closed Without Outputs
German Investment Corporation, Netherlands Development Finance Company ICM Complaints IAM Country Date Filed Status
Barro Blanco / 14-0002 DEG/FMO/PR ICM Panama 05/05/2014 Monitoring
PHC (FERONIA) DEG/FMO/PR ICM Democratic Republic of Congo 05/11/2018 Active
IFC/MIGA CAO Complaints IAM Country Date Filed Status
Albania Hydros-01/Tirana IFC CAO Albania 14/01/2013 Closed Without Outputs
Anvil Mining Congo, SARL-01/World Bank President Request IFC CAO Democratic Republic of Congo 01/07/2005 Closed With Outputs
Axzon-01/Halych and Kalush IFC CAO Ukraine 03/02/2014 Active
Bilt Paper-02/Sipitang IFC CAO Malaysia 01/06/2015 Closed With Outputs
Bulyanhulu Project-01 IFC CAO Tanzania 01/01/2002 Closed Without Outputs
CAMIF-01/ Intibuca IFC CAO Honduras 09/10/2013 Closed Without Outputs
Financial Intermediary (FI)-01 IFC CAO Honduras 25/07/2014 Closed Without Outputs
India Infrastructure Fund-01/Dhenkanal District IFC CAO India 15/04/2011 Monitoring
Interagua-01/Guayaquil IFC CAO Ecuador 01/01/2008 Closed With Outputs
Lydian Intl3-02/Gndevaz IFC CAO Armenia 25/07/2014 Closed With Outputs
Maple Energy-01/Nuevo Sucre and Canaan IFC CAO Peru 06/04/2010 Closed Without Outputs
Nicaragua Sugar Estates Limited-01/Leon and Chinandega IFC CAO Nicaragua 01/03/2008 Closed With Outputs
Oyu Tolgoi-02/Southern Gobi IFC CAO Mongolia 11/02/2013 Closed With Outputs
Pan African Paper-01/Webuye IFC CAO Kenya 01/02/2008 Closed Without Outputs
TCBuen-01/Buenaventura IFC CAO Colombia 09/12/2009 Closed Without Outputs
Tata Tea-02/Assam IFC CAO India 02/02/2013 Monitoring
Wilmar Group-03/Jambi IFC CAO Indonesia 09/11/2011 Closed With Outputs
Myanma Awba Group Company Ltd.-01/Myanmar IFC CAO Myanmar 04/10/2017 Active
Nedbank-01/Kintinian IFC CAO Guinea 27/04/2017 Active
Indorama Kokand/Hamkor Bank-01 IFC CAO Uzbekistan 30/06/2016 Active
Japan Bank for International Cooperation EEG Complaints IAM Country Date Filed Status
Central Java Coal-fired Power Plant Project JBIC EEG Indonesia 05/12/2016 Closed With Outputs
World Bank Panel Complaints IAM Country Date Filed Status
Andhra Pradesh & Telangana Road Sector Project WB Panel India 18/12/2015 Closed Without Outputs
Arun III Proposed Hydroelectric Project and Restructuring of IDA Credit WB Panel Nepal 24/10/1994 Closed With Outputs
Development Forestry Sector Management Project WB Panel Liberia 24/09/2010 Closed With Outputs Outside Process
Eskom Investment Support Project WB Panel South Africa 06/04/2010 Closed With Outputs
Forest Concession Management and Control Pilot Project WB Panel Cambodia 28/01/2005 Closed With Outputs
Integrated Coastal Zone Management and Clean-Up Project, First Request WB Panel Albania 30/07/2007 Closed With Outputs
Land Administration Project WB Panel Honduras 03/01/2006 Closed With Outputs
Land Administration Project (First Request) WB Panel Panama 25/02/2009 Closed With Outputs
Petroleum Development and Pipeline Project, Management of the Petroleum Economy Project, and Petroleum Sector Management Capacity Building Project WB Panel Chad 22/03/2001 Closed With Outputs
Petroleum Development and Pipeline Project, and Petroleum Environment Capacity Enhancement Project WB Panel Cameroon 25/09/2002 Closed With Outputs
Proposed Kosovo Power Project and Second Additional Financing Energy Sector Clean-up and Land Reclamation Project WB Panel Kosovo 12/06/2015 Monitoring
Protection of Basic Services Program Phase II Additional Financing and Promoting Basic Services Phase III Project WB Panel Ethiopia 24/09/2012 Monitoring
Second National Water Development Project - AdditionalFinancing WB Panel Malawi 22/05/2013 Closed Without Outputs
Smallholder Agriculture Development Project WB Panel Papua New Guinea 08/12/2009 Closed With Outputs
Transitional Support for Economic Recovery Credit and Emergency Economic and Social Reunification Support Project WB Panel Democratic Republic of Congo 19/11/2005 Closed With Outputs