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  1. Complaint > Improving Rural Livelihoods through Carbon Sequestration Project

    Filing: 80-Request for Inspection (English)

    ...Change and Forestry. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Institute for Global Environmental Strategies. [33] Pielke RA, Marland G, Betts RA, Chase TN, Eastman JL, Niles JO, Niyogi DDS, Run­ ning SW (2002). The influence of land-use change and landscape dynamics on the climate system: relevance to climate-change policy beyond the radiative effect of greenhouse gases. Phil. Trans. R. Soc. Lond. A., 360: 1705-1719. [34] Peixoto J, Oort A (1992). PHYSICS OF CLIMATE. Melville, NY: ...

    WB Inspection Panel - India - 2010
  2. Complaint > Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC)-01

    Filing: Letter of complaint

    ...climate change in the Philippines. The 19 coal projects, individually and cumulatively, will have devastating environmental and social impacts, including through their contribution to climate change. The Philippines is one of the most vulnerable countries to climate change impacts, including extreme weather events. These impacts affect us both as Filipino citizens and residents, and as a movement fighting for climate justice. 5. PMCJ also submits this complaint on behalf of communities and famil...

    IFC Compliance Advisor/Ombudsman - Philippines - 2017
  3. Complaint > Private Power Generation Project

    Filing: 44-Request for Inspection (English)

    ...climate warming will disturb the historical balance of lake rainfall and evaporation, and will create serious deficits." vii.A recent (2006) technical report of Directorate of Water Development (DWD), a lead agency, is missing in BEL's SEA. This could probably address the issues of hydrology, climate change, declining water levels in Lake Victoria and River Nile. No study released to date analyses the risks to Bujagali performance from climate change-induced drought and other h...

    WB Inspection Panel - Uganda - 2007
  4. Complaint > Water and Sanitation Service Improvement Project and Water and Sanitation Service Improvement Project - Additional Financing

    Filing: 115-Request for Inspection-26Nov2016

    ...climate is modified to “modified equatorial climate”. This climate is much cooler than the general tropical continental climate or highland subtropical climate and changes with altitude, becoming semi-arid towards the lower reaches of the catchment. Climate Change versus Climate Variability Climate Change refers to a change in the state of the climate that persists for an extended period, typically decades or longer (a permanent shift in the normal patterns of climate) while Climate variability ...

    WB Inspection Panel - Kenya - 2017
  5. Complaint > Alto Maipo Hydroelectric Power Project

    Filing: Request Receipt

    ...climate change and desertification 2) Ten consecutive years of drought in the basin affected by the project 3) Real flow rates of the rivers that will be affected 4) Effects on la sedimentology of the river 5) Effects of the project on glaciers and groundwater 1 See:,1303.html?id=CH%2DL1067 2 Source: Annex 08. River Basin Management and Climate Change. The case of the Maipo. 3 La ECR is the environmental permit o...

    IDB Independent Consultation and Investigation Mechanism - Chile - 2017
  6. Complaint > Mongolia Mining Infrastructure Investment Support (P118109) and Mining Infrastructure Investment Support - Additional Financing

    Filing: 102 - Request for Inspection (English)

    ...climate change in Mongolia; • Loss of geologic stability and increased risk of damage from landslides due to erosion, earthquakes, and flooding from catastrophic dam failure; • Unpredictable water flows caused by climate change and desiccation of Mongolian landscape will be exacerbated by dam projects. Flow volumes are decreasing in rivers such as the Orkhon, and data suggests that under current conditions the Orkhon River will not survive the planned diversion to t...

    WB Inspection Panel - Mongolia - 2015
  7. Complaint > Water Supply Augmentation Project, Greater Beirut Water Supply Project and its Additional Financing

    Filing: Request for Inspection

    ...climate changes but disregarded the impact of dam constructions on the Global Climate Change. Studies have demonstrated that dams play a negative role in the global carbon cycle and consequently affect Earth's climate, not to mention the high amounts of methane emissions they generate. 2 Recently, following the second Environmental and Social Panel’s request, the borrower initiated a series of me...

    WB Inspection Panel - Lebanon - 2018
  8. Complaint > Eco Oro-01/Bucaramanga

    Filing: Complaint to the CAO, June 13, 2012

    ...climate change impacts. This GEF-funded project responded to national priorities after examining of the consequences of climate change and identifying high montane ecosystems in the Northern Andes as the country‟s most vulnerable ecosystems to the expected impacts of climate change. Another project related to the Colombian paramos and supported by the World Bank through GEF is “Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biodiversity in the Andes”117 that sought to increase the conservation, understandi...

    IFC Compliance Advisor/Ombudsman - Colombia - 2012
  9. Complaint > EPS Restructuring

    Filing: Complaint

    ...climate change in its countries of operations. The EBRD will engage, whenever appropriate, in innovative investments and technical assistance to support no/low-carbon investments and climate-change mitigation and adaptation opportunities, as well as identify opportunities to reduce emissions in EBRD-supported projects. The EBRD will also support its clients in developing adaptation measures that promote climate-resilient investments.” Since the EPS Restructuring project is a corporate level in...

    EBRD Project Complaint Mechanism - Serbia
  10. Complaint > Energy Loss Reduction Project (Rogun HPP, Tajikistan)

    Filing: 70-Request for Inspection Attachment (English)

    ...Climate Change Effects Maximum temperature has increased SHRINKAGE OF LAKES < 40 40 - 41 41 - 42 42 - 13 43 - 44 ...

    WB Inspection Panel - Tajikistan, Uzbekistan - 2010
  11. Complaint > Eskom Investment Support Project

    Filing: 65-Request for Inspection (English)

    ...Climate Change 26. The proposed loan will compromise the World Bank's commitments on climate change, and make it more difficult for South Africa to meet its own greenhouse gas reduction commitments. 4 27. Despite claims that the Medupi plant will use "cleaner coal technology" and will be "carbon capture and storage-ready", there is no certainty whether these measures will be sufficient to control the enormous amounts of pollutan...

    WB Inspection Panel - South Africa - 2010
  12. Complaint > Kosovo Power Project (Proposed)

    Filing: 78-Request for Inspection (English)

    ...Climate Change and the World Bank Group: Phase II The Challenge of Low-Carbon Development, at ix. 2 World Bank, 2008. Development and Climate Change: A Strategic Framework for the World Bank Group. 3 World Bank, 2010. Operational Guidance for World Bank Group Staff: Criteria for Screening Coal Projects under the Strategic Framework for Development and Climate Change. 4 Operational Guidance, at 4. 5 Beér, Mielczarski and Taylor, (2010). Kosovo: Kosovo Power Project Report of the SFDCC Ext...

    WB Inspection Panel - Kosovo - 2012
  13. Complaint > VEIL II-01/ Ratanakiri Province

    Filing: Complaint to CAO VEIL II - Feb 2014

    ...changes to the local climate due to intensive and rapid deforestation, affecting human health and crop yields. According to Global Witness, satellite imagery shows evidence of significant clearance of evergreen and semi-evergreen forest in HAGL concessions. 7 According to at least one concession contract the company is required to protect evergreen forest within its concession boundaries.8 17. In all cases the company has failed to provide notice or sufficient information to affected communities...

    IFC Compliance Advisor/Ombudsman - Cambodia - 2014
  14. Complaint > Transitional Support for Economic Recovery Credit and Emergency Economic and Social Reunification Support Project

    Filing: 37-Request for Inspection Annex 28

    ...climate pipeline and experience in developing- change’ first surfaced in the country project finance the Bank was negotiations that resulted in the UN well placed to position itself as a fund Framework Convention on Climate manager for industrialised country Change (UNFCCC) of 1992. Under the governments and industries seeking to UNFCCC, projects claiming to reduce ...

    WB Inspection Panel - Democratic Republic of Congo - 2005
  15. Complaint > Nenskra Hydropower Project

    Filing: Request for Compliance Review [PDF]

    ...climate change • We concerned that what would be the impact of the reservoir on the microcliate. In 2017 EIA its said that project would not have any impact on Microcliamte and there should be no worries. However, it does not say that the clauses from 2015 ESIA is not correct, “its [reservoir’s] effects on the climate will be substantial in spring, when the ice starts melting and breaking, and in late autumn, before ice phenomena begin. Sharp difference between wate...

    ADB Special Project Facilitator and Compliance Review Panel - Georgia - 2017
  16. Complaint > Shuakhevi HPP

    Filing: Complaint

    ...changes in the micro-climate of the village, reduction of water in the river bed to only 10%. Company later completely ignored the emerged problems and refuses to deliver its commitment. Plenty of meetings have been held on this topic with government officials, company representatives and Ministry of Energy of Georgia. They were all in vain. No response followed on the letter sent to the managements of the Banks in August. Construction of the project has been completed and it left no drinking wa...

    EBRD Independent Project Accountability Mechanism - Georgia
  17. Complaint > Haiti Mining Dialogue Technical Assistance

    Filing: 100-Request for Inspection

    ...Climate Change Resilience: The Case of Haiti, Oxfam America (March 2014), available at 260314-en_2.pdf. 49 Id. 50 Poverty and Inclusion in Haiti: Social gains at a timid pace, supra note 40. 51 See, e.g., Mining Water Use, USGS available at html and Mining and Water Pollution, Safe Drinking Water Foundation, available at

    WB Inspection Panel - Haiti - 2015
  18. Complaint > Dariali HPP

    Filing: Complaint (English)

    ...climate change, the glaciers which feed Tergi and its tributaries, are reduced by several meters every year. The issue of changing the water and solid flow caused by accelerated melting of glaciers was not taken into consideration while developing the HPP project.” In September 2013 Prof. Otar Duduari, also warned that the construction site has been chosen inadequately4. More recently, Duduari stated that a construction of a hydropower plant anywhere in the Dariali gorge would increase the risk ...

    EBRD Project Complaint Mechanism - Georgia
  19. Complaint > Water Supply Augmentation Project, Greater Beirut Water Supply Project and its Additional Fiancing - Second Request

    Filing: Request for Inspection

    ...climate change (2050) on the water resources feeding into the Bisri Dam, and it did not evaluate alternatives to limit water shortage: The variation of water availability (Precipitation, infiltration, surface runoff, and Evapotranspiration) with climate change is not tackled. The assumption that surface runoff increases with climate change is not supported with appropriate references. D. Following concerns about the water quantities in the Greater Beirut Water Supply Pr...

    WB Inspection Panel - Lebanon - 2019
  20. Complaint > Education Sector Reform Project

    Filing: Complaint received, 5 Aug 2010

    ...change own shape and appearance. The condition of schools do not meet the requirements and standards after the reconstruction. The plastering of school’s building is unqualified. It was made in winter in cold climate. For our conditions it is impossible to do plastering in winter that falling done in some months. The sockets are not good as well. Window glasses are not placed completely. The ceilings, floors and windows are full of holes. The blackboards are self-made and not set in the wall. Th...

    ADB Special Project Facilitator and Compliance Review Panel - Tajikistan
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