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A database of complaints filed with Independent Accountability Mechanisms. Use the console to learn more about a particular complaint, mechanism, or bank, or compare and contrast different complaints and mechanisms.

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Get data on Independent Accountability Mechanisms, areas of operation, complaints, policy documentation, and compare mechanisms' safeguards for accountability and transparency.

Compare Benchmarks

See the resolution functions available to each mechanism, and how they handle issues of complaint eligibility, operational independence, reporting, monitoring, and a host of other issues. Compare issues across mechanisms.

Create Reports

Produce custom reports and charts on IAM structures and benchmarks, viewable either in your browser or as a downloadable file.

View Cases

Browse through all complaints reported as filed with any of the Independent Accountability Mechanisms in our database. Look through case timelines, critical documentation, filing and supporting organizations, and more.

Filter, Search, & Sort

Find the complaints you need with over 10 content filters, stackable table sorting, and powerful smart search capabilities. The modular data structure allows a user to organize and sort the data in countless ways.

Download Data

Export relevant data to csv files so you can organize and parse the data any way you like.

What is an IAM?

Independent Accountability Mechanisms are independent forums that provide a voice for communities or any group of people who believe they are harmed – or are likely to be harmed – by an international development project.

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Complaint Map

Use the interactive map to browse through all complaints submitted in a given country

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